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rackspace and barb darrow

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rackspace and barb darrow

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Barb Darrow

Barb Darrow

Senior Writer

Barb has covered technology and high-tech companies for longer than she’d care to admit. She started out as a reporter for InfoWorld, covering Boston-area software companies; then moved over to CRN where she managed the news staff and covered the business both in terms of technology and how technology is sold. She was also news editor for TechWeb and senior news director at TechTarget before joining Gigaom. Barb enjoys seeing how old-school IT companies are (mis)managing their transition into the cloud computing era. She has won several ASBPE awards for her news coverage. Outside of work, she loves gardening, movies and baseball.

Remember that planned Xen-related reboot Amazon Web Services warned about last week? Well, things went better than planned, according to an updated blog post Monday. The company said it was able to perform live updates… Read more »

For those skeptics who still think OpenStack isn’t ready for prime time, here’s a tidbit: @WalmartLabs is now running in excess of 100,000 cores of OpenStack on its compute layer. And that’s growing by the… Read more »

Internap is now offering OpenStack-based public cloud services for the enterprise-rich New York metropolitan area from its Secaucus, New Jersey data center. Atlanta-based Internap paints its OpenStack-based AgileCLOUD as a “scalable public cloud” with dedicated… Read more »

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