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brian warren

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Brian Warren

Brian Warren

It’s been nearly two-and-a-half years since we reviewed On The Job here at TheAppleBlog, and we gave it high marks back then. Today Stunt Software has released On The Job 3.0,… Read more »

Yesterday, VMWare released Fusion 2.0 as a major update to their virtualization software. It’s a free, downloadable upgrade for any VMWare Fusion 1.x customer, and it packs some great new stuff… Read more »

Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch, the well-dressed gent who puts on the C4 conference for indie mac developers, has put online all the videos from this past year’s conference. There is some great… Read more »

The land of iPod accessories is nothing if not a very crowded space. In the speakers area alone there are a ton of companies competing for the coveted shelf space in… Read more »

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