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Blake Snow

Blake Snow

Roxio released Popcorn 3 for Macintosh yesterday, which promises to shorten video conversion and DVD burn times as well as adding TiVo-to-DVD or TiVo-to-device support. New and enhanced features include automatic… Read more »

Santa Monica, California – If there was one buzzword at this year’s E3, it was “casual gaming” in all its synonymous varieties: family-friendly games, games for everyone, usability, intuitive controls, and… Read more »

The attention surrounding MMOs (massively multiplayer online worlds) has never been greater. But it’s not just role playing games along for the ride; non-game, avatar-driven virtual communities are just as popular,… Read more »

Casual Flash games generate monthly pageviews in the hundreds of millions, but the game industry has been painfully slow to capitalize on this massive audience—the chief exception being Pogo.com, which Electronic… Read more »

Sony and British Telecom announced a new joint venture today that allows UK residents the ability to place and receive VoIP and video calls between PSPs and supporting PCs. Initially the… Read more »

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