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Bobbie Johnson

Bobbie Johnson

Ahead of the Easter weekend, it’s hard to move for news and opinions about the iPad – including looks inside the app store and statistics on the amount of developer time… Read more »

It’s impossible to ignore the flood of publicity for the iPad, with the first slate of reviews emerging and buyers gearing up for the weekend release. Developers, meanwhile, are eyeing the… Read more »

Further to my recent update on geo-location startups, there are some extremely interesting things coming out of O’Reilly’s Where 2.0 conference, which is taking place in San Jose right now. A… Read more »

How important is truly high speed broadband to the economy? Huge, as Eric Schmidt and Verizon’s Ivan Seidenberg argue in today’s Wall Street Journal. Internet companies know how vital fast connections… Read more »

What exactly will Twitter announce at its Chirp conference in a few weeks? The bets are all on monetization… though what that means remains something of a mystery. This walkthrough from… Read more »

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