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VLC Developer Rémi Denis-Courmont recently sent Apple “a formal notice of copyright infringement” concerning the VLC Media Player iOS application. The app’s distribution in the App Store is in violation of… Read more »

I’ll admit to having been pretty flighty about my choice of browsers in the past. Camino one month, Safari the next, Chrome the week after. Now that I’ve decided to settle… Read more »

The iPhone has a great little camera, but it’s got serious limitations. Accurately capturing a scene with a wide range of light is nearly impossible…unless, of course, you resort to HDR… Read more »

At a cost of $29, which includes six reusable AA batteries, this little white charger offers you the chance to power all of your wireless desktop accessories with a clean conscience… Read more »

In line with the wide-ranging speculation taking place on the Internet yesterday, Apple this morning made a number of updates to its store, including the introduction of a brand-new magical product,… Read more »

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