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Celeste LeCompte

Celeste LeCompte


Just over a year ago, the notion of a “tablet market” was something many in the industry scoffed at. But as 2011 opens, the skeptics have to admit: We were right;… Read more »

Derrick is out with a new baby (tweet your congrats to @derrickharris) this week, but we wanted to make sure Infrastructure readers got wind of the GigaOM Pro Bunker Session looking… Read more »

We’re looking for a new NewNet curator to join the GigaOM Pro team. If you’re an expert on social and real-time technologies, and you’ve got strong, well-considered opinions about how they… Read more »

The e-book space continues to grow, with competition fueled by the iPad launch and Google’s e-book store announcement this week. It’s also been one of our most popular topics here on… Read more »

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