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The Wall Street Journal says that Facebook is evaluating how it could use parental control technologies so that it can allow kids under 13 to use its main site. Critics say… Read more »

Microsoft has balanced social search integration without compromising core results far better than Google has demonstrated. Bing represents social done well, and it could lead to minor market share gains. Last… Read more »

Amidst rumors it was trying to sell its tech properties, Aol reported quarterly results that showed its ad network business was pretty healthy (up 23 percent to $110 million) but that… Read more »

Some stalwarts in online display advertising had rocky first quarters. Microsoft’s overall ad business was up 9 percent, but that was because an increase in search overcompensated for a decline in… Read more »

AOL’s ad network is rolling out a demand-side platform for ad buyers to engage in real-time bidding across its own and other publishers’ inventory. That makes it a competitor with… Read more »

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