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Pinterest wannabes with tighter commerce hooks are raising good money. But social commerce likely needs to be multi-channel for a big payoff. Fancy, a site that looks a bit like Pinterest,… Read more »

Ebay was social commerce before anyone coined the term, but its daily deal experiment feels like a PayPal extension rather than a bricks-and-clicks social commerce platform. Before PayPal became the engine… Read more »

Last week Yahoo announced it had hired Scott Thompson, currently the president of eBay’s PayPal business, as its new CEO. Thompson has product and technology cred, which means Yahoo should be… Read more »

Yahoo announced that PayPal president Scott Thompson will be its new CEO, starting next week. Wall Street still thinks Yahoo needs to define itself, and Om notes that Thompson’s still stuck… Read more »

As eBay has evolved from its person-to-person auction roots into a retail hub and e-commerce infrastructure provider it has become a pretty aggressive technology acquirer. Its latest move is on the… Read more »

After a disappointing earnings quarter, in early September Yahoo fired CEO Carol Bartz. About a week later, the troubled portal was reportedly more concerned with finding an investor or acquisition partner… Read more »

Airbnb’s travails have pointed out the biggest risk in the hot new category of collaborative consumption known as the web-sharing economy. Or is it really a new category? It builds on… Read more »

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