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Groupon should have been a marketing services company. Is it too late? Firing Groupon CEO Andrew Mason was almost certainly necessary, as the once highflying social commerce giant’s strategy is seriously… Read more »

In 2013 look for the action in social technologies to be increasingly enterprise-focused. In 2012 investors soured on consumer social media companies: Groupon, Zynga, and even Facebook were deemed disappointing. Arguably,… Read more »

Ebay was social commerce before anyone coined the term, but its daily deal experiment feels like a PayPal extension rather than a bricks-and-clicks social commerce platform. Before PayPal became the engine… Read more »

The Wall Street Journal underscores social commerce giant Groupon’s woes in a story that points out that Andreessen Horowitz thought the company’s IPO was premature, and has sold off its holdings… Read more »

Groupon delivered quarterly revenue figures in the middle of its guidance, but that was below Wall Street expectations. Revenue grew 45 percent to $578 million. Europe was soft but North American… Read more »

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