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David Card

David Card

VP Research

Late last year I wrote a short piece on some of the social media and other means online publishers could use for customer acquisition and content discovery. There are even more… Read more »

It’s earnings season, and the New York Times posted its first quarter results. Overall digital advertising growth was a sluggish 4.5 percent to $84 million, and not enough to offset print… Read more »

The long-awaited New York Times paywall goes live in the US on March 28. Canada gets to iron out bugs starting today. In order to avoid killing its traffic and remain… Read more »

Rather than do a white label or co-branded deal with Groupon or another daily deal company, The New York Times is getting ready to launch its own social commerce service. This… Read more »

PBS does an informative print interview with New York Times associate managing editor Jim Roberts on the Times’ social media strategies. The headline is that the Times still gets 50% to… Read more »

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