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David Card

David Card

VP Research

Apple seems to be negotiating directly with music rights holders so it could offer a Pandora-like streaming music radio service. Several pundits wonder why. Pandora runs nicely on iPhones and tablets,… Read more »

The Echo Nest raised $17 million to build out its international business and perhaps expand beyond powering music recommendations. The company uses natural language processing, acoustic analysis and machine learning to… Read more »

The Wall Street Journal writes “Twitter’s mobile ads begin to click.” My GigaOM colleague Mathew Ingram’s headline is “Has Twitter done with mobile ads what Google and Facebook can’t?” And then… Read more »

It seems Spotify will soon cap formerly unlimited ad-supported on-demand music streaming to 10 hours per month. Ah well. It’s still a good offer. And it’s still tough to make advertising… Read more »

Rhapsody says it’s reached a million subscribers for its digital music service, partly by acquiring its competitor, the paid version of Napster that Best Buy had owned. I seem to remember… Read more »

As I’ve been saying recently, it’s great to see this much action in the digital music space after years of sluggishness. Two big trends that make music different in 2011 from… Read more »

More action on the digital music front. Google confirmed it’s doing something. “With a twist,” whatever that means. The write-ups call it a store, but what’s so hard about building a… Read more »

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