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David Card

David Card

VP Research

My paidContent colleague Staci Kramer calls Yahoo’s re-org “blurry.” That about sums it up. The news is a new e-commerce group that many think will be headed by CEO Scott Thompson’s… Read more »

Last week Yahoo announced it had hired Scott Thompson, currently the president of eBay’s PayPal business, as its new CEO. Thompson has product and technology cred, which means Yahoo should be… Read more »

Yahoo announced that PayPal president Scott Thompson will be its new CEO, starting next week. Wall Street still thinks Yahoo needs to define itself, and Om notes that Thompson’s still stuck… Read more »

Under the heading of “NewNet” I focus on new Internet technologies like social media and real-time feeds, which is a bit of a reach from eBay’s business. But Om’s post on… Read more »

I’m seeing some innovative business models for social gaming today. TheIceBreak is holding back details, but it’s got a dating if not matchmaking element to it. Apps Genius will return 50%… Read more »