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Ed Gubbins

Ed Gubbins


I've been covering the telecommunications industry for 10 years on behalf of various publications including Telephony, Upstart, Wireless Review and Connected Planet. I've covered everything from optical networking technologies and cloud computing to broadband services and mobile applications. I have a Bachelor's in English from Ohio University.

Update your understanding of where location-based services are headed with a story about Nokia’s activities and an interview with a location-based game maker CEO. Also: Today is my last day as curator of GigaOM… Read more »

The analysis of common passwords used by hacked RockYou customers — with “123456” and “12345” topping the list — illustrates yet again the need for a new paradigm in online authentication. Most people… Read more »

Is a deep divide growing between consistent and occasional users of Twitter? Recent reports of Twitter’s declining user base were dismissed by some as irrelevant to the growing value enjoyed by core… Read more »

Readers seem to have some strong opinions about my column this week on the future of video in social networks. What do you think? Read the column and join in the… Read more »

Even before we named Foursquare one of the “winners” of 2009, Liz pointed out that another location-based mobile game, MyTown, actually has more users. Now it appears that MyTown’s runaway growth continues… Read more »

Today’s must-read blog post is about the prospects for the Internet, after leveling so many traditional business models (in music, media, etc.) , to turn its destructive powers toward the one industry perhaps most in need… Read more »

This article reminds us that the biggest problem with email isn’t the technology; it’s simply how we have chosen to use it. Facebook and Twitter — and for that matter, Google and… Read more »

Yesterday I mentioned the exciting possibilities ahead for the next stage in Twitter’s evolution. It’s also true that there are a lot of potentially troubling questions around the company’s traffic trends. However, Twitter 2.0 could ignite… Read more »

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