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Ed Gubbins

Ed Gubbins


I've been covering the telecommunications industry for 10 years on behalf of various publications including Telephony, Upstart, Wireless Review and Connected Planet. I've covered everything from optical networking technologies and cloud computing to broadband services and mobile applications. I have a Bachelor's in English from Ohio University.

The details make all the difference for the Skype deal announced today. Early reports of a pending deal provoked criticism that current owner eBay was picking the wrong time to sell… Read more »

There’s a cluster of news today in the intersection of social networks and television. IBM has patented a system for using TV remotes to blog, tweet and use Facebook. eBay’s Skype… Read more »

eBay was one of the few companies to really conquer Web 1.0, which could be part of the reason why it’s had trouble with Web 2.0. This spring the “perfect store,”… Read more »