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Ed Gubbins

Ed Gubbins


I've been covering the telecommunications industry for 10 years on behalf of various publications including Telephony, Upstart, Wireless Review and Connected Planet. I've covered everything from optical networking technologies and cloud computing to broadband services and mobile applications. I have a Bachelor's in English from Ohio University.

Last year was really just the opening act for the real-time web. To understand the impact it’s going to have in 2010, check out Sameer Patel’s thorough report on the real-time… Read more »

Black. White. Does yesterday’s, um, distraction hold any lessons about viral media in an age where Facebook holds critical mass? Read more »

Chris Brogan makes an interesting point as Twitter heads into the next stage of its evolution: How much better (or worse) could Twitter be if users could filter their own outgoing… Read more »

I’m not sure how ‘over time’ works as a term to describe real-time analysis of real-time communication and media, but whatever term we end up using for this concept will probably become… Read more »

I’m pretty skeptical of the value potential for social networking features brought into television, since they may conflict with TV’s long-beloved promise of user passivity. Skype, with its TV-based video calling, is… Read more »

The new year begins with two deals in the hot, hot web analytics space: Thomson Reuters’ acquisition of Discovery Logic and a big $27.5-million funding round, led by Cisco, in Quantcast… Read more »

All tweets are not created equal. Check out Anil Dash’s exploration of life on Twitter’s Recommended User list and this story about Kim Kardashian getting $10,000 for each sponsored tweet. Oh, and… Read more »

Air travel is probably going to get even worse next year, thanks to security concerns. Meanwhile, Facebook use on Christmas day is surging to new heights, online shopping is making greater… Read more »

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