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vmware and jo maitland

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vmware and jo maitland

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Jo Maitland

Jo Maitland

Research Director

VMware has abandoned its controversial virtual RAM (vRAM) licensing fees introduced a year ago and is moving back to physical CPU-based pricing, as was reported last week.  The news evoked loud applause from… Read more »

VMware is buying software-defined networking (SDN) player, Nicira for $1.26 billion, according to a blog post by Steve Herrod, CTO at VMware. SDN is hot, but man, that’s a lot of money… Read more »

VMware plans to spin out its platform as a service business, CloudFoundry and assets from the EMC Greenplum acquisition, to create a big data analytics cloud company, according to reports by GigaOM. Meanwhile, VMware… Read more »

Judging by the attendance and conversation at this week’s Node Summit in San Francisco, the relatively new open-source programming language Node.js is catching on among developers and notably among enterprise developers… Read more »

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