Liz Gannes

Liz Gannes

Editor, NewTeeVee

An ambitious startup named Enole is trying to bring the spirit of OpenID to the mobile environment, by building a near-field communications (NFC) platform that developers can build on to get devices to carry their owner’s identity. It’s sort of like OpenID for your phone. Read more »

Set to be worth $633.4 billion by 2014, mobile payments are finally finding their stride — but it’s not just one stride. Here’s your guide to the most promising emerging options… Read more »

Is there anyone in the world who can make a short film, put it on the Internet with zero marketing and get more than 2 million views in one month? Don’t say only Joss Whedon. Ryan Higa, a goofball comedian who posts home videos made with… Read more »

Blackwave has raised $7 million in Series C funding from return backers Globespan Capital Partners, Flybridge Capital Partners and Sigma Partners, the Acton, Mass.-based company announced today, after being outed yesterday for an SEC filing that disclosed part of the round. Blackwave has been around for… Read more »

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