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Nicole Solis

Nicole Solis

As of today, we’ve simplified our top navigation, closing down the Collaboration and Broadband channels. We’ll still cover these areas, but we’re making the changes to help our site reflect GigaOM’s… Read more »

On March 21 and 22, at Structure:Data, we’ll look at how companies like @WalmartLabs, IBM, and PayPal are using big data and how technologies like Hadoop are evolving to help them… Read more »

Missed your chance to see the Crunchies in person? Never fear. We’ll broadcast the livestream right here, starting at 7:30 p.m. Comedian Harris Wittels will host the event, which celebrates the… Read more »

The finalists for the Crunchies, the annual tech innovation awards, have been announced! Cast your votes now to help pick the winners, who will be revealed at the award show, held… Read more »

The new breed of e-commerce sites offers consumers ways to socialize and be entertained. But as Rags Gupta of Brightcove points out, these new new commerce sites are taking advantage of… Read more »

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