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intel and paul miller

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intel and paul miller

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Paul Miller

Paul Miller


Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports Gartner figures suggesting that homegrown servers such as those built to Facebook’s Open Compute designs “now account for 20 percent of the U.S. market for servers.” Whilst the… Read more »

Intel has reported record quarterly revenues of $13.1 billion, slightly higher than analyst expectations. Customers continue to spend on data center equipment, with revenues for Intel’s data center group up 15%… Read more »

In a guest post for CloudAve, Intel’s Raejeanne Skillern picks up on a theme I’ve been pushing in conversation for a while. As she notes, “security” always features highly in any… Read more »

Low-power computing specialist SeaMicro has shipped a new server featuring 768 cores, a significant increase on the 512 cores of the previous product released just a few months ago. GigaOM’s Stacey… Read more »

The Itanium spat took a further nasty turn this week, as HP hit Oracle with a lawsuit intended to force the database giant not to drop Itanium support. Oracle originally announced… Read more »

Back in March, Oracle suggested that they would stop supporting Intel’s high-end Itanium chip. Intel and HP (the biggest seller of Itanium-powered servers) were understandably aggrieved, and argued that Oracle was… Read more »

SME’s are usually reckoned to be the businesses most likely to jump onto the public cloud, but chip giant Intel sees sufficient opportunity amongst the laggards to offer a hybrid solution… Read more »

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