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Hard times for tech stocks continue on Wall Street. Facebook shares reached new record lows in midday trading as the post-IPO lockup period came to an end today, allowing insiders to… Read more »

The Facebook-Zynga relationship has become deeply unhealthy. Shares of Zynga were falling through the floor in mid-morning trading today after it posted disastrous second-quarter earnings Wednesday. The online game developer was hit… Read more »

I’ll be traveling Wednesday, so link posting will be light. On Tuesday, Zynga held its Unleashed event in San Francisco where it unveiled a new cross-platform platform called Zynga With Friends that will… Read more »

Facebook insiders will become fabulously wealthy when the stock finally starts trading publicly in  a few months, but for now the biggest winners may be Zynga shareholders. Shares of the social… Read more »

Another IPO, another debate over the proper valuation of technology stocks. Zynga goes out today at $10, the top-end of its expected range, valuing the company at $8.9 billion. While the… Read more »

IPO fever seems to be back in Silicon Valley. On Thursday, wiki-review site Yelp filed to go public. It’s hoping to raise $100 million. Another online review site, Angie’s List, raised… Read more »