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Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

Green IT

For the past year, I’ve had a blast covering the latest innovations in cleantech, connecting with startups and industry insiders and providing you with daily doses and weekly insights of what… Read more »

Want to know a surefire way of killing your smartphone’s battery life? Load it up with bloatware! That’s what handset makers HTC and Motorola stand accused of doing on some of… Read more »

This week, a Windows exploit that has the IT security set buzzing is highlighting the need for tough smart grid protections. According to this Stuxnet FAQ at Cnet, a computer worm… Read more »

Go dematerialization! Today, Amazon announced that it sells more e-books than their hardcover counterparts. In fact, this past month the e-commerce giant claims to have sold 180 Kindle e-books for every… Read more »

New microwind innovations could make wind-sourced energy a more common sight across the United States. For instance, a gearless, low-speed design from a Michigan startup called WindTronics is helping to open… Read more »

There’s been some cool developments in the data center thermal modeling biz this week. First, SynapSense and Future Facilities have teamed to add a little of the former’s monitoring and computational… Read more »

Power grids that emerged unscathed from the recent heat wave in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states have demand response companies to thank, and proved it’s a good idea to get the… Read more »

There’s no shortage of innovative strategies to improve data center energy efficiency, which you’re undoubtedly aware of since you hang around here. However, this latest gambit from Yahoo even caught me… Read more »

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