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cisco systems and pedro hernandez

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cisco systems and pedro hernandez

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Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

Green IT

Welcome to the party, Cisco! The IT giant has finally started shipping its first smart grid products. Staying true to its networking roots, the company’s Connected Grid routers and switches help… Read more »

Cisco’s videoconferencing division must be relishing the air travel ban caused by Iceland’s volcanic ash cloud, especially now that the company has established a foothold in Europe via its Tandberg acquisition… Read more »

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Cisco or following Derrick Harris’ IT infrastructure coverage, you’re undoubtedly aware that the computer networking giant has bigger plans than simply laying down the plumbing… Read more »

For years, firms like Cisco have been fighting counterfeiters that slap trusted brand names on low-rent computer and networking equipment. Things are only getting worse. According to an article in Business… Read more »

Nike’s ditching carbon offsets for travel and is instead looking into teleconferencing. The company plans to have an additional 200 video conferencing systems installed soon. Nike is also said to be… Read more »

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