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dell and pedro hernandez

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dell and pedro hernandez

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Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

Green IT

For years, firms like Cisco have been fighting counterfeiters that slap trusted brand names on low-rent computer and networking equipment. Things are only getting worse. According to an article in Business… Read more »

Dell and HP would love to sell you more efficient laptop chargers, but they are reluctant to pass the added cost of $2 onto customers. Understandable, but customers don’t even get… Read more »

Notice a trend lately?  Big tech players putting corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the news.  Yesterday, Intel, Dell, HP and Motorola signaled that they are taking conflict minerals seriously.  Dell made… Read more »

Add Dell to the list of corporations that are realizing big energy savings thanks to PC power management software. By installing 1E’s NightWatchman and SMSWakeUp (now 1E WakeUp) on 50,000 desktops… Read more »