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intel and pedro hernandez

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intel and pedro hernandez

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Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

Green IT

Should SeaMicro and Intel be thanking Oracle? According to reports, Sun was working on a low-power x86 chip. Unfortunately, the curtain appears to have closed on this project after Oracle gobbled… Read more »

Attention HP, Dell and IBM. SeaMicro’s Intel Atom-powered server costs $139,000, has over 2,000 CPU cores and can cut energy consumption by up to 75 percent compared to traditional servers. It’s… Read more »

Two IT giants have ARM on the brain. The chatter continues to grow surrounding Microsoft’s rumored interest in building cloud servers based on the mobile chipmaker’s low-power tech.  Meanwhile, Intel, not… Read more »

How would you green your data center? Some firms get adventurous with their building designs while others mix things up with renewable energy. Lately though, there’s been some activity brewing on… Read more »

Watch out Freescale! Intel today previewed its Atom-based “Tunnel Creek” system-on-a-chip at its developer confab in Beijing. And as you may have guessed, it has embedded automotive ambitions for the tech… Read more »

According to Intel and AMD, there are signs that IT budgets are recovering. However, there’s also an undercurrent of frugality that’s tempering the demand for servers. How are they coping? In… Read more »

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