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samsung and pedro hernandez

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samsung and pedro hernandez

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Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

Green IT

An interesting week for green data storage. University of Tokyo researchers have given us a tantalizing peek at our crazy-fast computing future with a new NAND flash writing method that can… Read more »

At what point do we stop caring? Just as the geekerati comes to accept that a smartphone or digital media player is the closest they’ll ever get to owning a power-sipping… Read more »

Samsung, your storage ambitions are showing.  The company today announced that it had made a multi-million dollar investment in Fusion-io, an enterprise solid-state storage company that’s racking up some impressive customer… Read more »

Today, the electronics industry is keeping a close eye on a hearing on mandatory TV energy efficiency standards that is being held by the California Energy Commission. The Consumer Electronics Association… Read more »

Thank you Samsung!  Lately, electronics makers have been offering environmentally friendly gadgets or green editions of existing models.  A nice gesture, if it wasn’t so half-hearted.  The problem is that these… Read more »