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Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

Green IT

Water management is an area I’ve been watching with some interest and after today I wouldn’t be surprised if my little corner of cleantech got a little more crowded. According to… Read more »

Here we go again. After getting shot down by the Maryland Public Service Commission, Baltimore Gas and Electric is resubmitting a plan for its $800 million smart grid project. BGE is… Read more »

It’s currently tops in the U.S. box office, but “Despicable Me” has earned another distinction. Green geeks will appreciate that the 3D computer animated film was rendered using a compact, IBM-supplied… Read more »

There’s a world of difference between an Apple store and your typical electronics retailer. Tesla seems intent on making the same distinction in the automotive arena.  Be sure to check out… Read more »

Recently, Frog Design announced that it had joined the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative to help tackle design and usability issues. And not a moment too soon. Take a look at Frog’s… Read more »

Big news on the LED lighting front today. Cree and Philips have entered into a patent cross-licensing agreement as companies jockey for position in the burgeoning LED lighting market. The move… Read more »

While many of us are looking forward to zero emissions rides, the truth of the matter is that the petrol-burning variety is going to be sticking around for a good long… Read more »

Could a standard power supply help reduce e-waste and promote green manufacturing among today’s notebook makers? Taiwan’s notebook manufacturers including Acer think so, and it makes a lot of sense on… Read more »

Looks like Mary Lou Jepsen has a winner on her hands. One of the innovators behind OLPC has one reason to be happy with her new low-power display venture, Pixel Qi… Read more »

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