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Russell Shaw

Russell Shaw

The Register reports BT is set to launch its long-awaited BT Vision over broadband service on Monday, December 4th. The package will include some 30 free channels, plus programming from such… Read more »

The Australian newspaper reports that Australia-based IPTV provider ReelTime Media is talking with at least two U.S. studios to forge a deal that would let Australian consumers download U.S. TV series… Read more »

TK, a TK-based company well known for making HD set-top boxes, has the right idea: an online service that allows users to watch HDTV channels from around the planet over the… Read more »

LightReading’s Mark Sullivan raises an interesting idea: what about MobiTV as an extender of AT&T’s U-verse IPTV service to the mobile platform? Makes more sense then you might think. First of… Read more »

We are nearing the debut of an exciting transformation. With a new name you will be hearing about later this week, we are going to become a site that tracks all… Read more »

What many believers would deem “the gospel truth” is coming to the Houston IPTV viewscape. This is by virtue of a just-announced IPTV carriage ageement between the IPTV fiber-to-the-home Optical Entertainment… Read more »