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Salvatore D'Agostino

Salvatore D'Agostino


Salvatore D’Agostino is CEO of IDmachines makes use of 30 years of experience across the identity, credentialing, access, security, machine learning, industrial automation, intelligent infrastructure and technology transfer fields across many use cases. Sal and IDmachines experience include the security systems for the US Capitol and Pentagon, EZPass, SunPass and other electronic toll collection systems, numerous enterprise and global scale identity. Sal is active in the standards community including Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Interoperability (PIV-I). Sal is currently the Secretary of the Smart Card Alliance Identity Physical Access Councils, Vice-Chair of the Security Industry Association PIV Working Group and a member of it standards committee, a member of ASIS Physical Security and Information Technology Councils, a member of the Kantara Initiative User Managed Access (UMA) Working Group and Vice-Chair of its Attributes in Motion Working Group, a member of the Board of Advisors of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX). Sal is a friend and former member of the Transportation Research Board’s Freeway Operation Committee and former Chairman of the Intelligent Transportation Society of Massachusetts and a charter member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ Machine Vision Association. Sal’s previous two positions have been as Executive Vice President of CoreStreet, Ltd. and CEO of Computer Recognition Systems, Inc. Sal is a 1978 graduate of Harvard College, a former All-East and All-Ivy wrestler and blogs occasionally at