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Gigaom3Tera Unbundles Applogic and Unveils a Virtual Data Center">Gigaom3Tera Unbundles Applogic and Unveils a Virtual Data Center

Although CA’s decision to purchase 3Tera was a bit surprising, its decision to make an application-deployment acquisition was not. Buying 3Tera brought much-needed cloud application- and resource-deployment capabilities into CA’s already-impressive… Read more »

If you want to know why EMC sold its Ionix intellectual property and staff to VMware, look no further than CA’s recent decision to buy 3Tera. While VMware is nothing if… Read more »

The Cisco vs. the World story just keeps getting more interesting. For starters, the animosity between Cisco and HP has got third parties like Force10 trying to take customers from both,… Read more »

CA, the company formerly known as Computer Associates, is buying Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based 3Tera for an undisclosed amount as part of its ongoing makeover to capture the opportunities presented by cloud… Read more »

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