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ResearchToday in Cleantech">ResearchToday in Cleantech

Siemens is sitting on a huge pile of cash — what’s it going to spend it on? According to a Bloomberg article that ran over the weekend, the German engineering and… Read more »

Big news on the smart grid acquisition front this morning from everyone’s favorite smart grid acquirer. French power gear giant Schneider Electric has announced a $1.36 billion offer for Telvent, the… Read more »

Can direct current data center power systems get real-world enough to become a realistic way to curb energy waste? Swiss power gear giant ABB is giving it a try, announcing Thursday… Read more »

Progress on the data center energy efficiency integration front this week, as Swiss power gear giant ABB and Santa Clara, Calif.-based startup Power Assure show off their latest interoperable data center… Read more »

Will the smart grid be forced on utilities? Yesterday’s Cleantech Forum featured an interesting discussion with executives from General Electric, IBM, ABB and Lockheed Martin on that point. While utilities are… Read more »

Green IT Jeff St. John’s thoughts, analyses and predictions are compiled here in a single report. As with any analysis of the market, we couldn’t possibly include every company, announcement and… Read more »

The big wireless news this morning is Qualcomm’s bid to acquire chipmaker Atheros Communications, which could give it a whole new set of tools to enter the networked home. (Thanks for… Read more »

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