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Cloudera today used the Hadoop Summit in Santa Clara to announce the latest version of their commercial Cloudera Enterprise solution. Two key features stand out, and they’re clearly intended to make… Read more »

Open source cruncher of Big Data, Hadoop, certainly attracted a lot of attention yesterday, and GigaOM’s Derrick Harris rounds up a slew of software, hardware and appliance news. For some time… Read more »

Initially developed inside Yahoo! as a MapReduce-inspired tool for churning through Big Data, Hadoop was open sourced and continues to thrive within the Apache community as a key weapon in the… Read more »

If you didn’t catch our Bunker event on open source this morning, I suggest viewing the archived version when you get a chance. The discussion was quite provocative, as might be… Read more »

Recently, I was asked if Hadoop actually has the market potential that many commentators (myself included) suggest that it does. Let me add to my reasons for asserting a large potential… Read more »

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