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GigaomToshiba acquires smart grid startup Consert">GigaomToshiba acquires smart grid startup Consert

Developing biofuels continues to be a bright spot in the cleantech world. Two startups, plant genetic engineering company Chromatin and biofuel producer ZeaChem, announced separately on Tuesday that they have raised… Read more »

Last week’s heat wave spiked power demand across the East Coast, as millions of air conditioners went on full blast. How did the demand response industry handle the event? Pretty well,… Read more »

Time for demand response to prove itself. Summer heat waves are bringing the country to record-high peak power usage rates, and that means utilities are cranking up backup generators, planning for… Read more »

Which utilities are spending the most on demand response? A really useful new report from ZPryme (PDF) lays out the top ten utilities in the U.S. in terms of spending on… Read more »

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