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GigaomDemand Response Still In Demand, CPower Closes $10.7M Round">GigaomDemand Response Still In Demand, CPower Closes $10.7M Round

EnerNOC (s ENOC) has seen its COO retire and its shares drop to 18-month lows after grid operator PJM complained that unnamed demand response companies were practicing “double counting” of assets… Read more »

EnerNOC is a demand response leader with 5.1 gigawatts of power under management, but it sees an even bigger market in broad energy efficiency and sustainability planning. On Wednesday it launched… Read more »

The demand response players continue rebranding. EnerNOC has launched its EfficiencySMART brand to tie together its building energy management, sustainability planning and energy procurement lines of business from building to enterprise. Read more »

Last month I wrote a weekly update on demand response providers EnerNOC and Comverge, hinting at some future announcements that would blur the lines between the traditional DR business and the… Read more »

From Baltimore Gas & Electric’s head of smart grid initiatives comes yet another reminder of what utilities really want out of their smart meter and home energy deployments — peak power… Read more »

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