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digital entertainment content ecosystem (dece)

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digital entertainment content ecosystem (dece)

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Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE)

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GigaomDreams of Harmony, Again: Media Companies Working on Digital Media Ecosystem">GigaomDreams of Harmony, Again: Media Companies Working on Digital Media Ecosystem

With the shift to streaming, the movie studios have attempted to sustain the old territorial exclusivity system by requiring the use of geo-blocking technology to restrict unlicensed access to their content. Read more »

The studios were hoist on the petard of their own pining for the heady early days of DVD — a format shift that drove a massive change in consumer behavior from… Read more »

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem consortium, the industry group behind Hollywood’s UltraViolet initiative, is promising an update on next-steps for the cross-platform DRM system at CES next month. They might want… Read more »

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