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Cloud CRM provider Salesforce has announced the acquisition of web conferencing and meeting tools provider Dimdim. Salesforce says that it will use Dimdim’s presence and on-demand meeting and collaboration technologies and… Read more »

Dimdim — a provider of well-designed web conferencing tools that we’ve covered previously — yesterday rolled out DimDim Business, an edition of its software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It… Read more »

Report: NBCU-Comcast Will Likely Look OK To FCC, DOJ; a confidential report to Congress on Comcast’s proposed deal for control of NBC Universal starts from the premise that the deal will… Read more »

Dimdim is an easy-to-use, competitively priced open-source web conferencing app that we’ve covered previously here on WebWorkerDaily. Today, Dimdim announced the launch of Dimdim Webinar Edition, which allows for larger web… Read more »

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