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Bowing to the inevitable, dotCloud, the company that created container technology for Linux apps, will now be known as Docker Inc. DotCloud, the company behind the Docker open-source PaaS project,… Read more »

DotCloud, the Platform as a Service provider that supports a wide range of underlying services, today added three more data storage services to those already on offer. MySQL will be welcomed… Read more »

OpenLogic, a software vendor that helps companies better utilize open-source software, is turning its attention toward cloud computing. On Tuesday, it announced $2 million in funding for a new Platform-as-a-Service offering… Read more »

Here are three lessons to take away from the $10.5 million funding round for Java-centric Platform-as-a-Service startup CloudBees: Be specialized, inclusive, and first. I’ve been following Java-centric Platform-as-a-Service startup CloudBees for… Read more »

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