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GigaomMac OS X on a Sony U- part 1">GigaomMac OS X on a Sony U- part 1

Hope springs eternal with every earnings call. That’s this morning’s news from the European green industry watchers at Reuters, who see some hints of positive earnings reports coming out in in… Read more »

While the smart grid industry converges on Washington D.C. for this week’s GridWise Global Forum, who’s minding the smart metering store over in Europe? Cue Ben Schuman, smart grid analyst at… Read more »

Along the lines of my observations on green materials and gadgets, Greg Andeck of EDF Innovation Exchange writes that the customer is always right when it comes to sustainability.  In his… Read more »

DOE Flunks Again: The latest inspector general’s report finds that the Department of Energy often fails to adjust heating and air conditioning settings to conserve energy, wasting more than $11 million… Read more »

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