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mobile and ericsson

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mobile and ericsson

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Ericsson today posted a net third-quarter profit of $554 million thanks in large part to surging demand for mobile broadband equipment by carriers. Much of the growth stemmed from Ericsson’s pick-up… Read more »

The mobile top-level domain .mobi this week snagged its second-most lucrative sale ever as Infomedia bought Casino.mobi for a hefty $135,000. But the company behind the online suffix shouldn’t hold its… Read more »

Ericsson’s $1.1 billion bid for Nortel’s assets beat out the competition, but RIM — which opted to stay out of the auction — is already calling for the Canadian government to… Read more »

Handset manufacturers reported disappointing fourth-quarter and end-of-year 2008 results, and carriers are being impacted, too. Despite the bleak current environment, however, the mobile industry is thinking toward the future, and bright… Read more »