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social and groupon

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The Groupon panic is in full force. At Business Insider, Henry Blodget outlines Groupon’s potential cash risk, while Nicholas Carlson finds there are still some Groupon bulls out there. Groupon’s working… Read more »

As Groupon grows its user base and distances itself from its nearest rivals, the competition in daily deals – and in social commerce overall – continues to heat up. Competitor Gilt… Read more »

Ryan Kim has a good Long View on American Express’ potential in the local social commerce space. He  points out some of Amex’s strengths: it’s the card issuer, so it has… Read more »

Earlier, Groupon had signed up many of the logical location-based services as distributors for its daily deals, and at the time, it was acknowledged that discussions were on with Foursquare. Now… Read more »

CNBC says the SEC is taking a harder look at Groupon’s books, but that’s probably not delaying the social commerce giant’s IPO, which looks to be in the early fall. Groupon… Read more »

Several local social commerce stories are up today, and there’s a mobile angle driving them. Foursquare will distribute daily deals from LivingSocial, Gilt Groupe and AT&T. This saves Foursqare the cost… Read more »

A handful of social commerce stories sketch some patterns forming in the daily deals space. Business Insider looks at Google Offers and finds some terms that merchants will like: Google apparently… Read more »

The daily deal bandwagon got more crowded today as T-Mobile USA released More for Me, an Android app that serves up offers from Living Social and other digital coupon distributors. I… Read more »

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