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Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports Gartner figures suggesting that homegrown servers such as those built to Facebook’s Open Compute designs “now account for 20 percent of the U.S. market for servers.” Whilst the… Read more »

A new report by Jonathan Koomey argues that data centers are using a lot less power than we thought. 1.1%-1.5% of global electricity use (1.7%-2.2% in the U.S.) is still an… Read more »

Chris Evans highlights this week’s news from Hitachi Data Systems, which sees the storage company begin to market a “converged infrastructure” solution. The Unified Computing Platform will see HDS enter a… Read more »

Back in March, Oracle suggested that they would stop supporting Intel’s high-end Itanium chip. Intel and HP (the biggest seller of Itanium-powered servers) were understandably aggrieved, and argued that Oracle was… Read more »

Yesterday, Cisco became the latest to jump on the containerised data center band wagon. Joining Sun, Dell, IBM, HP and more focussed suppliers such as Cirrascale, Cisco is the latest to… Read more »

Larry Dignan published a post at the end of last week, in which he speculated that the increasingly loud public cloud mutterings from IBM, Dell, Hewlett Packard and others are part… Read more »

Perhaps hoping to put the Oracle-instigated Itanium fuss behind it, Intel yesterday revamped their high performance Xeon chip line. Big names such as Cray also came out to back the 29… Read more »

There’s a lot to be said for the free sample. A free cup of that new coffee variety, given to you in the hope that you’ll buy that brand next time… Read more »

Enterprise software company Oracle closed its acquisition of Sun Microsystems last year and is using Sun hardware to tie customers into a more integrated stack. Enterprise hardware company Hewlett Packard is… Read more »

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