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networking and hewlett-packard

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networking and hewlett-packard

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We’ve been seeing Cisco’s data-center competition heating up in the past year, and it looks like those disparate efforts reached a combined critical mass today: HP announced its HP Networking brand,… Read more »

It occurred to me just how difficult it is for new players to make dents in established data-center markets. Whether it’s a startup like Tilera trying to displace Intel, or whether… Read more »

The Cisco vs. the World story just keeps getting more interesting. For starters, the animosity between Cisco and HP has got third parties like Force10 trying to take customers from both,… Read more »

It’s been almost a year since Cisco confirmed rumors about its server ambitions by unveiling its Unified Computing System. Cisco’s market presence has evolved a good deal since then — thanks… Read more »

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