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GigaomIs Infochimps' Aggregated Data a Boon to Researchers or a Privacy Nightmare?">GigaomIs Infochimps' Aggregated Data a Boon to Researchers or a Privacy Nightmare?

The recent closure of UK data marketplace, Kasabi, raises some interesting questions about the future of data marketplaces and whether there is  a real business case for buying and selling data… Read more »

Big data now touches everything from enterprises and hospitals to smart-meter startups and connected devices in the home. Hadoop, meanwhile, is fast becoming the leading tool to analyze that data, and… Read more »

Lots of social-media big data stories on GigaOM today. With Black Friday approaching, think about how to apply data from social media to retail. Meanwhile, one data marketer, Infochimps, is looking… Read more »

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