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ResearchHP’s Latest Ambitions: Connectivity is Key, but so is Differentiation">ResearchHP’s Latest Ambitions: Connectivity is Key, but so is Differentiation

InfoWorld reports that venerable cloud management company RightScale is close to adding support for OpenStack. The Santa Barbara company began life offering management tools on top of AWS that Amazon themselves… Read more »

According to InfoWorld, Gartner’s Darryl Plummer this week told his company’s clients that “enterprises should consider public cloud services first and turn to private clouds only if the public cloud fails… Read more »

With this week’s release of version 5, VMware has changed the way in which vSphere is licensed, and provoked a flurry of complaint. Elias Khnaser is amongst the disgruntled, and does… Read more »

As Jon Brodkin notes over at InfoWorld, Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant on virtualization places Microsoft and Citrix up in the Leaders Quadrant alongside long-standing leader VMware for the first time. According… Read more »

Microsoft’s SaaS offering, Office 365, formally launched today at events in (at least) London and New York. An adjunct to the massively profitable Microsoft Office installed base, and a response to… Read more »

InfoWorld is reporting the rather unsurprising results of┬árecent research in Germany; users of Amazon Web Services can have lax security practices, leaving themselves open to malicious activity. This is hardly surprising,… Read more »

Disruption, innovation, revolution. These words are used an awful lot in this industry, and elsewhere. The Cloud is disrupting traditional IT. The consumerization of the enterprise is a revolution, etc. Eric… Read more »

Microsoft’s online adjunct to their market-dominating Office productivity suite has been in beta for a while, and it looks as if a formal launch is now due within the month. Mary-Jo… Read more »

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