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GigaomSixApart Sells LiveJournal To A Russian Group">GigaomSixApart Sells LiveJournal To A Russian Group

If yesterday’s attack on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and Google taught us anything, it is the importance of a scalable, flexible web infrastructure. Twitter got slammed, whereas the heavyweight infrastructures of Facebook… Read more »

On Friday I caught up with Jason Shellen, one of the members of the original Blogger team. Following Google’s February 2003 acquisition of PyraLabs, the company behind Blogger, Shellen joined the… Read more »

Christos Cotsakos, former CEO of E*TRADE, the online brokerage firm that revolutionized stock trading in Web 1.0, will unveil his Web 2.0 company called MOLI tomorrow at DEMO. And surprise, surprise… Read more »

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