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GigaomGetting close to 5000 Posts">GigaomGetting close to 5000 Posts

EEStor: Will It or Won’t it?: There are some indications that startup EEStor is making progress toward its goal of selling an energy storage device “capable of propelling a reasonably-sized automobile… Read more »

Sunset for Solar?: Solar companies and investors who planned for silicon that was scarce and high-priced must adjust their business models for a glut that looms larger than most anyone expected… Read more »

Tesla Grabs Mazda Design Director: Franz von Holzhausen, former Director of Design for Mazda North America, has joined Tesla Motors as Chief Designer. This is the third auto industry vet Tesla… Read more »

Seth Sternberg, CEO of Meebo, is on stage right now talking about MeeboMe, his company’s embeddable IM widget (stats: 900,000+ unique URLS, 9 million unique visitors to unique widgets, 54,000+ unique… Read more »

I am inching towards the 5000 Post mark. Any suggestions on how to celebrate? Any interest in a San Francisco meet-up? If yes, do post your comments. Meanwhile, I have the… Read more »