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GigaomHoly Mozy, EMC Moves In. There Goes The Neighborhood">GigaomHoly Mozy, EMC Moves In. There Goes The Neighborhood

A big problem with cloud backup is the initial upload of Gigabytes (or Terabytes) of data. Over the broadband connections used by consumers and small businesses, it’s a daunting prospect that… Read more »

Ben Kepes draws my attention to some interesting news for customers of Barclays bank here in the UK. As part of a broader package of support for their small business customers,… Read more »

VMware yesterday launched Cloud Foundry, an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering aimed directly at competitors such as Salesforce’s Force.com and Microsoft’s Windows Azure. A blog post by VMware… Read more »

Increasingly, individuals and businesses are entrusting data to to the cloud. As computing moves inexorably from the desktop to the web, more of our information — from emails and personal documents… Read more »

Mozy, one of our favorite online backup services, continues to expand into new niches. This time around they have their focus on Mac-heavy networks. Specifically, they’re adding MozyPro for Mac to… Read more »

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