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handset manufacturers and nokia

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handset manufacturers and nokia

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Nokia posted its second-quarter earnings early this morning, and the results weren’t pretty: the Finnish handset manufacturer saw a loss of nearly $700 million on revenues that were down 8 percent… Read more »

New figures from IDC today¬†highlight some fascinating (if not entirely surprising) trends in the worldwide smartphone market: Apple moved into second place in global smartphone shipments during the first quarter of… Read more »

Shares of Nokia slipped a little this morning after Citigroup analyst Zahid Hussein told investors they should sell their stock in the Finnish manufacturer “now.” Hussein’s note comes on the heels… Read more »

All eyes this morning are on Nokia, which opened its annual love-fest in London today. There’s plenty of news coming out of the show/pep rally, including the introduction of four new… Read more »

Nokia this morning announced that it is ousting embattled CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo in favor of Stephen Elop, who will leave his post as head of Microsoft’s Business Division. As Kevin at… Read more »

Shares of Nokia fell sharply this morning after the Finnish manufacturer posted first-quarter profits and revenue that fell short of analysts’ expectations. Nokia continues to watch its relevance in high-end handsets… Read more »

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