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nortel networks

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Nortel Networks

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GigaomNortel May Cut 10% of Its Workforce">GigaomNortel May Cut 10% of Its Workforce

A half-dozen companies including Apple, Microsoft and RIM have devoured the last remnant of Nortel, shelling out a combined $4.5 billion for thousands of patents and patent applications from the former… Read more »

The Canadian government is taking a look at Ericsson’s $1.13 billion bid to buy Nortel Networks’ CDMA and LTE assets following RIM’s call for “a Canadian ownership solution” — meaning, of… Read more »

Ericsson’s $1.1 billion bid for Nortel’s assets beat out the competition, but RIM — which opted to stay out of the auction — is already calling for the Canadian government to… Read more »

UBS Research analyst Nikos Theodosopoulos in a note to his clients today says that Nortel, the Ottawa, Ontario-based telecom equipment maker, will make steep staff cuts — “possibly amounting to 10… Read more »