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managed hosting and rackspace

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managed hosting and rackspace

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Rackspace’s new AppMatcher marketplace is intriguing for a variety of reasons. For one, it smacks of the Microsoft Windows Azure strategy of bringing together users and ISVs under a single roof… Read more »

There’s a lot of news today (including from IBM, Intel, StrataScale and startup NorthScale), but my money is on Rackspace’s music-industry-specific service as the most meaningful. My reasoning is that the… Read more »

A Rackspace survey released today offers questionable evidence on attitudes toward cloud computing and managed hosting. Rackspace claims its “No More Servers” survey stands for the proposition that 51 percent of… Read more »

I have read a couple articles and posts recently (here and here) coming out of Hosting Con 2009 and questioning whether managed hosting as we now know it will go extinct… Read more »

Rackspace this week joined the ranks of those companies offering virtual machines that are hosted on a pool of dedicated servers. What’s curious, however, is that Rackspace refers to these setups… Read more »