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Real Networks

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GigaomRealNetworks’ Legal DVD Ripping Will Cost You">GigaomRealNetworks’ Legal DVD Ripping Will Cost You

Real Networks has struggled in recent years, and the sudden departure of their CEO (who replaced Rob Glaser) is not going to do anything to change the opinion that the company’s… Read more »

Who thought the DVD business could be so dramatic? First off, we’ve had probably the worst week imaginable for the DVD copy-crowd, as both Real Networks and Kaleidescape got knocked around… Read more »

The ailing music industry is increasingly looking to offset plummeting CD revenues by leveraging phones as digital-age retail counters. But as ringtone sales continue to slide and full-track downloads struggle to… Read more »

While there are a few die-hard hangers-on, TiVo’s declining subscription numbers show many have moved on. The DVR pioneer continues to partner in an effort to diversify and make TiVo a… Read more »

Apparently people still download Real Player, because Google (s goog) is choosing to bundle its Google Chrome browser with the multimedia player. And while I personally don’t download any “software bundles,”… Read more »

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